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Our Tax Problem Resolution Team is led by Bill Nemeth, Enrolled Agent. Bill is the President of the Georgia Association of Enrolled Agents. We currently have 14 EA's on staff to assist you with any tax issue. Before you sign a contract with a firm that advertises on late night TV come get a free consultation with our professional staff.

Read This Before You Sign A Contract With A Tax Resolution Firm

You should come see us for a free consultation before you sign any contracts with anyone claiming to be a tax resolution expert. Many of these companies look at potential customers as a one time customer. The professionals here at Tax Doctor, Inc. strive to be your tax professional for years to come to prevent you from having to deal with the IRS again in the future. For that reason you will find our customer service to excel above all others. We have three year round offices to better serve you. Many IRS issues need only a tax expert to prepare an amended return that properly claims all allowable deductions. In this case we charge our normal tax preparation rates. Our tax preparation rates start at $85 and go up based on the complexity of the return. A common IRS issue is when a person is self employed and they fail to file a tax return. The IRS files one on your behalf that only reports the income received and taxes that reported income. Even if the customer lost money the IRS will send a notice of deficiency. Typically in these cases only an original or amended return needs to be filed claiming the deductions that will reduce or eliminate the tax debt. That is how the ads can claim they reduced the tax bill by thousands. An average Schedule C at Tax Doctor, Inc. will run between $300 and $400. Many of the Tax Resolution Services will get you to sign a contract usually for several thousand dollars with no guarantees. Our professionals will review your situation and lay out all your options and possible outcomes.

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